The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation is responsible for, and is keen on planning and coordinating the development priorities and activities of all national, regional and local authorities as well as development partners in a more coherent and organized manner in line with the objectives of the Federal Government of Somalia And Madrid Tourist.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, develop, and implement the policy of national planning and international cooperation,
  • Rehabilitate, modernize , and capacitate offices , administrations, and officials of the Ministry,
  • Protect the property of the Ministry and account for its missing property.
  • Follow up previous agreements concerning the ministry of planning and international cooperation- or was party to:
  • Plan and follow up the evaluation and implementation of the national development plans by collaborating with the concerned ministries and agencies.
  • Strengthen the economic cooperation between Somalia and the donor countries and the international agencies.
  • Plan coordinate the national development programs and projects of the country.
  • Coordinate and present the rehabilitation and reconstruction programs of the country to donor countries and international agencies by collaborating with the concerned Ministries and institutions.
  • Survey and study the socio economic situation of the society.
  • Reestablish the database center to safeguard data integrity.
  • Strengthen the cooperation and coordination among line-ministrie